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Ronald Sicker is co-founder and principal of the TCM Group, specializing in Six Sigma training and† deployment, as well as Design for Six Sigma.


Ronís experience in general management, training and development, as well as deployment management provides unique qualifications to clients before, during, and after their Six Sigma deployment.


His experience includes Vice President of Client Development in the Six Sigma industry, responsible for setting company direction, and strategy for building client relationships. He also worked building creative alliances with the Six Sigma consultant base and aligning them with appropriate clients.


Ron has provided leadership overview training, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt training to numerous employees of many organizations, helping them to gain bottom line benefits from the Six Sigma methodology and Six Sigma projects.† He has also trained numerous Champions and Executives in the Six Sigma Methodology.


Ronís experience includes sales, sales training and marketing management at various Fortune 500 companies.† He is a member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network.


Ron is the author of 2 books Driving Six Sigma, which takes a high level strategic view of the Six Sigma Methodology, and Implementing Six Sigma: A Planning Guide for Executive Teams.

Therese Costich is the Chairman and co-founder of The TCM Group, a consulting firm specializing in Six Sigma methodologies and Design for Six Sigma.† The TCM group is a world-wide organization and has been servicing clients globally for over 12 years.† Therese has been helping clients achieve tremendous bottom line savings and profit through Lean Six Sigma training, Project Management, Project Mentoring and Design for Six Sigma training.

Therese began her consulting career as an independent consultant and Master Black Belt with the Six Sigma Academy in Scottsdale, AZ in 1999.† While at the Academy, Therese consulted and trained at companies such as Ford, Dominion Energy, Dupont, Visteon and Pioneer among others. Thereseís experience in engineering aided in the Black Beltsí understanding of the Six Sigma tools and methodologies, and her general management knowledge was valuable in training Executives on change management, sustaining gains, and leading the Six Sigma effort.

†In addition to her training responsibilities, Therese was responsible for the development and management of the Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise curriculum and program development for the Six Sigma Academy.

Previous to the Academy, Therese was a Black Belt for GE Lighting where she completed one of the largest commercial Six Sigma projects to date.

Her accomplishments also include Project Leader of GOAL/QPCís The Black Belt Memory Jogger Ė A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success.

†† Lean Six Sigma

† Training Programs

† Some Clients