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What is Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that increases productivity by removing waste and variation or defects from processes.  All work is a process. Improving processes by applying the Lean Six Sigma Methodology allows for greater throughput, fewer defects, quicker change over times, less resource waste and greater customer satisfaction.  All departments and all processes can benefit though  the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

Project Focused


The Lean Six Sigma Methodology is executed through process improvement projects throughout all departments within the organization.

Black Belt are project managers that complete large multi-departmental cross-functional projects that are large in scope.  Black Belts lead teams and manage resources to complete large organizational projects

Green Belts are project managers that complete projects on a part time bases often times requiring less resources, time, and Lean Six Sigma tools then Black Belts.

Yellow Belts are project managers that complete smaller projects usually within their areas of responsibility.

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